Terrace Square Artist Project


Upping It's Alley Greening Project in Moss Side’s Terrace Square has demonstrated positive effects to residents’ individual and collective well-being. The cobbled alleys are shared spaces behind neighbours’ back-to-back terrace houses. In many cases they have been cleaned up and transformed by building planters, planting and growing fruit, vegetables and flowers. Water butts have been installed and all alleys display decorative and practical inventiveness by those investing time in their new shared recreational spaces.

The project has been driven by grass roots activism and frustration at Manchester City Council’s lack in implementing effective recycling of refuse and waste in these neighbourhoods, where communal bins are also placed in the alleys. A creative affirmative inquiry approach has broadly resulted in improved recycling habits in neighbourhoods where care and creativity of the greened alleys are evident.


The Terrace Square Artist Project (T-SAP) initiative seeks to build on Upping It’s Alley Greening Project. It is currently in its early planning stages. It begins with three visual artists living in Terrace Square who have recognised the potential for expanding upon the collective creativity of those living in the area: Jackie Haynes (St. Ives Rd, Claudia Alonso and Carlos … (Heald Place).

We aim to locate and map out artists living in Terrace Square, Moss Side. This has already begun and will be carried out through word of mouth in an attempt to be inclusive, whilst highlighting one of the purposes of the project, that of direct and neighbourly communication.

After an initial survey, a meeting will be held (at The Whitworth?), hopefully attracting yet more artists from the area. The purpose of the meeting will be for everyone to introduce themselves, their ideas and the kind of artistic work they are or might be interested in doing in the alleys. We would also discuss and decide how best to organise ourselves.

From this point, we would plan out a calendar of events in various alleys appropriate to collective aims and availability of funding.

Artists of any discipline would need to be residents in Terrace Square with access to an alley. The term ‘Artist’ can be self-defined along the lines of Joseph Beuys’ belief that ‘Everyone is an artist’. Artists will be encouraged to re-use and recycle materials rather than buying new, in the grass roots spirit of sustainability and climate control accountability as demonstrated by Upping It. Also relevant is Kurt Schwitters’ Merz way of life which supports the idea of making art from rubbish ‘to propel a new way of seeing and thus knowing the world which we are both suspended in and subject to.’ (E.Burns-Gamard, 2000)

First Meeting

Whitworth Art Gallery 2 May

Alley Mapping 15 June programme

Collage making using wasted vinyl

Paper making with seeds

Wildlife drawing into wood

Sculpture with rubbish & pancake eating

Alley Tour September 2019

Platt Hall Visit 2020

T-SAP one year anniversary 2020.


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