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At START, we use creativity to help vulnerable people from all walks of life improve their skills and gain in confidence. Our members often make remarkable progress and soon learn how to become valued members of the community, contributing in ways they themselves could never have imagined.

Gardening is one of the most therapeutic activities we know.

Is a real sense of achievement when you can see, on maybe even taste, the fruits of your labour! Start Growing allows members to learn horticultural skills in a range of gardening projects.

Throughout the year, we run a series of horticultural workshops to help members learn how to ‘grow your own’. Our hands-on sessions are full of practical techniques such as how to cultivate and maintain your crops throughout the year, growing from seed, creating and implementing planting programmes, along with advice on essential garden maintenance techniques such as digging, pruning and watering.

As well as being a fun and rewarding activity, it is also a very social one. You’ll get to make new friends – both with other members and among the local community – and learn how to work alongside others to achieve a sustainable environment.



I am currently supporting sessions of Horticultural wellbeing for mental health, focusing on seeds during 6 weeks with a group, with a possible workshop delivery on papermaking and seeds.

I am in the process of applying for the DBS to formally be able to deliver sessions.

I am keen to work around this organisation in Salford, with a possibility of helping in other creative workshops as they have pottery, woodwork, photography and painting and possibly different projects.


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