Seeded paper workshop development.


The workshop was called Community Studio at the Whitworth Art Gallery learning studio on the 29 May as part of a programme of events related to the exhibition Joy For Ever and our collaboration with the mural.

The workshop open to the public at 10, during term time a lot of kids and families were already around the museum.The room had two big centered tables and we decided to use one for papermaking and the other one for a painting activity.

I brought a trolley with a plastic container to be able to make A4 sheets of paper with a frame. I have some cups and mesh and prepared the pulp and other accessories.

When the public arrived I realised that it was easier to use the small technique, it was easier for me to support each individual, we could all make it together and everyone seemed to engaging with each other to complete the task. We will dry the paper on a window and people were coming back during the day to pick it up after visiting the gallery.

The difficulty of this type of workshop was adapting the activity to a walk in workshop, with no control of numbers or ages, sometimes the space was crowded and it felt short of staff supporting the visitors ( just one volunteer was helping).

The workshop lasted 4 hours and it was frenetic, I really enjoyed working with the public and especially with a group from a special needs school that were engaging really good with the activity. Some of the kids were too small to complete the workshops but mothers were keen on helping and encourage them to make it. It was overwhelming sometimes but the feedback was good and I was happy to make this activity.

Paper drying on window


For the next papermaking workshop, I had the opportunity to teach the process to my neighbours and friends from TSAP at my back yard on a rainy day. This time I prepared pulp in a jar, cut some mesh in small squares and cut some more bottoms of plastic little cups and prepared some seeds. We were around 15 people and we decided to be the transition from jackies house to mine trough the alley into my yar were I had a table to make the workshop, before entering my house each individual had to make paper and sick it on my window. The activity was successful and I found it easier to manage the group as there were all really keet in learning more about the process.

Paper making in my back yard


The next session I was able to teach was at CFCCA during a summer school youth lab programme where I was helping as a volunteer. The group were 5 youth kids from around manchester with various interest in art, music and fashion. The opportunity of delivering a session in exchange for volunteering seemed a good opportunity and the theme of the lab was around the urban environment so I thought it could be good to introduce them to my practice and make some practical workshop around seeds and papermaking. I have an hour and a half to deliver the workshop, made a short presentation around my practice (attached under) and made some paper with them and dry them on the window. This time I brought some of my small seed paper 3D pieces for them to plant. This group was easy to manage as I was working with them for a few days and they were really friendly, as well the fact that we were a group of 8 people helped with the success of this activity as it was easier to manage.

Paper drying on window


I adapted my own portable paper making set that I can use for other future events and workshops. Including this:

Pulp (paper+water+blended)


Plastic cups X 2




Interface fabric

Glass window ( to dry)

(llustrations/step by step how to make it- To Come)


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